Privacy Policy

When purchasing service from Spacebear OÜ, information such as IP address, email, and related metadata are collected. Our payment providers (listed below) will also collect additional information needed to confirm and receive payments,of which you can view their privacy policy for specifics.

The software installed on behalf of the client may collect information, and you are responsible for communicating those collections to users who are on your instance.

Each instance owner is responsible to inform and ask for consent from the users to store and process their information.

As a data processor, I employ the best security that I know of to keep the data private, namely keeping the servers and software up to date and servers can only be remotely accessed using my private key that only I have access to.

Also, you can be sure that I don’t go through the data stored in instances databases, logs or any form of media (images/videos). I will only do so when explicitly asked by the owner, when necessary due to a technical issue, if I suspect some illegal activity, received a report about the instance or some abuse of the system is happening.

Although it never happened, you should also know that I will obviously give access to an instance data to authorities if a legal warrant is presented to me that requires that I provide access to that data. Again, this never happened and I will disclose if a case like that ever happens.

At any time, any instance owner can request a backup to move the instance to another service and/or request for the instance and all information to be deleted.

This service strives to reduce tracking in any way possible, and does not use google analytics or any similar trackers. Email providers have open tracking disabled.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the above please don't hesitate to contact support.


  • Infrastructure (Servers)
    • OVH
    • Digital Ocean
    • Scaleway
    • Vultr
  • Non-Server Infrastructure
    • DNSimple
    • Netlify
  • Email Providers
    • Sendgrid
    • Mailgun
    • Fastmail
  • SSL/TLS Certificate Authorities
    • Let's Encrypt
    • ZeroSSL
  • Payment Providers
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
    • Chargebee
    • Coinbase Commerce